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The Elven Renaissance: Hardcover and PDF Editions

The Elven Renaissance: Hardcover and PDF Editions

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The world of the elves is, as everyone knows, timeless. It endures in its mystical wildness, unchanging over the long eons. 

Or so it was. Planes shifted, doors between worlds aligned, and elves emerged from their world, traveling to that of the humans and learning a new way of experiencing and celebrating the life around them. 

But transformation always comes at a cost. 

The Elven Renaissance is a 150+ page book that will take you to this changing land of the elves and provide you with a unique and immersive setting that can be used with any role-playing system. From descriptions of the intricacies of the elven soul to folklore to plot hooks, this book will give you a whole new perspective on the home of the elves and the opportunities for delight and darkness that have come in the wake of its renaissance. 

Your purchase will include a print-on-demand hardcover edition that will be printed and delivered to you. It will also include a downloadable zip file that contains the PDF version of the book, plus additional digital bonus content: four high resolution maps as well as three PC tokens for VTTs that accompany the sample scenario in the book. 

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