Building worlds for roleplaying games is a true test of creativity. Worlds and people are infintely complex, interweaving in a thousand different ways. Bringing a world to life is a rewarding, but daunting task that some love and some loathe.

And some are just uncertain as to where to get started. Fortunately, your friendly, local anthropologist is here to help wtih that. My blog may have some points of inspiration and I have a couple of resources in the shop that can help, too.

But if you perhaps want something a bit more, I'd love to help. I do everything from individual consulting to running worldbuilding workshops for small groups.

Or, if worldbuilding just really isn't your jam, I'll even help craft your worlds for you.

Interested? Just hit that Contact button and let's get working on bringing your world to life. Orr feel free to check out a few of my settings and worldbuilding materials for sale!