Got questions about Mythscapdes products? Here are some answers!

What does "handmade" really mean?

I make all of my dice personally. Just me, in my shop (aka, a closet). I do use tools for some parts of the process (I'm not sure I could bring a pressure pot to 35 psi without an air compressor), but every die in my shop is lovingly designed, poured, sanded, polished, and inked by me!

I'll be honest, "lovingly" is a loose term. With some dice (I'm looking at you, d10s), it's really more of a love-hate relationship. 

Are your dice balanced?

As much as they can be and more than many mass-produced dice, which often have hidden voids throwing off the weight. I wouldn't take them to a casino or anything, but because these are hand-poured, I can better control for bubbles and voids and always do some test rolls with each set.

The one caveat is dice with big inclusions. I use resin for most of these, so the density doesn't differ from that of the rest of the dice, but sometimes when I use things like dried moss or flowers, that can throw off the balance a bit. Usually it's so minor as to be negligible, but if it seems to have an impact, I will note that in the dice description.

Do you make custom dice?

Absolutely! I'll have formalized custom dice forms available at some point, but if you have requests in the meantime, please reach out via the contact link at the bottom.

Why so few dice for sale?

Making dice by hand is a long process. I've also been very focused on getting dice complete for two Kickstarters recently, so that's limited my ability to work on the one-of-a-kind sets. But don't worry, there will be more coming! If you're interested in getting updates on when I'm about to add new dice to the store, sign up for the mailing list!

Why are dice sets different prices?

Depending on how complex they are, dice take different amounts of time to pour and finish, plus different amounts and types of materials. I price dice to cover costs and ensure I am paying myself something like a living wage for my labor. 

What's your worldbuilding process?

I'd describe it as chaotic good. A sort of barely-structured chaos. But always a lot of fun. Reach out if you're interested in learning more!