I'm so glad you're here! If you've gotten this far, you likely have found that this website is about tabletop roleplaying games. Perhaps other kinds of roleplaying games. Also worldbuilding, which could be for both roleplayers and authors, I suspect. And handmade dice. 

It's sort of a miracle that I have any spare time in my day at all (I don't).

This blog is going to be primarily dedicated to worldbuilding, though. It'll have tips, tricks, and things to consider when you build your worlds. Sometimes those things will be big, world-defining things like economic or political systems. Sometimes they'll be smaller, such as traditions around feasting. It is this combination of big and small that makes up worlds, the global and the local. 

But most importantly, worlds are made of the people who live in them. The grand moments and the everyday lived experiences. These elements will help elevate your worlds from rough sketches to places that feel truly alive.

What makes me qualified to talk about these things, you ask? Well, nothing more or less than anyone else, really, but I have an advantage in that I have a doctorate in social anthropology, which has helped by giving me a set of frameworks to consider these things more explicitly.

Anthropology is a lot of things, but it is, first and foremost, the study of people. Of cultures. Of societies. It is based in a firm belief that to understand a world, you must understand people from the inside out and from the outside in. It is holistic in its approach, knowing that elements of a culture are always (often, mostly) connected. That there are threads that tie all of its components together, while also recognizing that sometimes, all too often, things don't always make perfect sense. People are a mess, so culture is messy. But both are beautiful because of that.

So, here's to culture and exploring how you can take your worlds and give them a beautiful, messy, complex, lived-in feel that will help take your stories and games to the next level.

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